Metal Festival Tours was founded in 2017 by Daniel Defonce and Bryce Lucien after years of working together on branded tours such as Devastation on the Nation and Bloodletting North America. Metal Festival Tours is about building and branding the tours that they create to reach a broader audience. With executing this, they work with companies in and outside of the metal world to sponsor and promote these branded festival tours. 

Daniel DeFonce

Daniel DeFonce became a Talent Agent in 2006 when he founded his own booking agency. In 2015 he began working with Continental Concerts USA and relaunched his Devastation on the Nation Tour. He has booked hundreds of tours for bands across all styles of metal and hardcore including Sepultura, Dark Funeral, Psychostick, Sanctuary, Rotten Sound, Aeon, Defeated Sanity, Rivers of Nihil, Zao, Beneath The Massacre, and Exhorder.